A frequently overlooked yet immensely valuable part of success in news SEO are your content sections and article tags. Let's explore their dos and…

September 2022

Instead of the usual single-topic exploration, this SfGN edition is a roundup of recent developments and interesting content.

August 2022

Over the years I've audited over 50 publishing websites and these are the most common problems and challenges that I find.

June 2022

Our online event dedicated to all things SEO for news publishers returns for its second edition on October 4th and 5th this year.

April 2022

Why are internal links to topic hubs such a powerful SEO tactic for publishers? Here I explain the details and provide some best practices.

February 2022

From the HTTPS protocol to a publisher's domain name all the way to the (lack of a) trailing slash, every part of a webpage's URL plays a role.

December 2021

What do I think 2022 will bring for SEO in the publishing world? I'll try my hand at five predictions for 2022 and beyond.

November 2021

Since its inception, Google's controversial web framework has divided opinion.

October 2021

When you republish content from another source, what should you do to maximise the SEO value?

August 2021

John Shehata and I have teamed up to deliver the first online event dedicated exclusively to SEO for news and publishing, taking place on October 26 …

July 2021

Since the manual Google News approval process was retired in December 2019, getting into Google News has been a murky and frustrating affair.

June 2021

This is a regularly updated list of documentation, guides, resources, and tools for optimising your site for Google News