Who am I?

I’m Barry Adams, an independent SEO consultant based in the UK working with publishing brands across the globe. I’m a specialist in SEO for news publishers - I’ve been active in SEO since 1998, and since 2010 I’m focused on helping news organisations grow their audience from search.

SEO for news is an area I’ve been fortunate enough to build a speciality in; first through a full-time job working for the Belfast Telegraph in 2010, and later via my own consultancy business with a series of SEO consulting projects for major publishing organisations including News UK, The New York Times, FOX, Future, MailOnline, Seven West Media, The Guardian, Investing.com, Euronews, Hearst, Condé Nast, and many more.

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Over the years I’ve learned a lot about how publishers can use SEO to grow their audience. I’ve worked with development and product teams to improve websites for better crawling & indexing of news content, I’ve trained journalists and editors in optimising their articles for maximum visibility, and I’ve consulted on a range of projects aimed at integrating SEO practices into newsroom workflows. Each and every project was a learning experience for me.

I wanted to share this knowledge with the wider SEO and publishing industry.

But rather than just blog an occasional article and hope it reaches the people who might be able to use it, I’ve decided to take a different approach. The firehose of the blogosphere is not conducive to publishing meaningful content on such a relatively narrow niche.

So I decided to do this via a newsletter. Inspired by great email newsletters others are publishing, I want to build a community around this email newsletter specifically about Google News and SEO for publishers.

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I don’t know how often I’ll publish a newsletter. I want to make sure every newsletter is interesting, thoughtful, and useful. And I’m doing it in addition to my regular consulting work, so I may struggle to find time to stick to a regular schedule.

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I write about SEO for publishers, helping websites gain traffic from Google News & Discover and build a growing audience for their content.