Hi Barry,

Suppose there is an algorithmic change to Discover, Top Stories, or Google pushes a Core Update. The impact on websites might differ as we see this December Core Update but when Google Search rolls out such an update is the same rolled out to all websites indexed in SERP?

I am just trying to draw a parallel to what was done with GNews and understand if what GNews did (impose quality checks on Newish News websites while giving existing News websites a wildcard) is also done by GSearch or the folks at GSearch have enough understanding and always push the algorithmic change on all websites indexed in SERP?


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Hi Barry, regarding this part:

Google had given these publishers a limited space to work in. Google allowed these sites to rank on a specific range of topics, but not beyond.

Is this statement your opinion and/or the result of analysis and studies in this regard, or does it derive from official statements by Google that have confirmed this nature of the update?

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