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Another great Newsletter Barry. Have always been concerned about our AAP wire content which we automatically publish under a canonical of our own websites. I think we have some work to do between our own websites where the key state/metro based masthead is ranking stories above the regional masthead even though we canonicalise to the regional. I'm assuming due to authority on the main masthead. That option of delaying the publication on the main master sounds like something worth testing - if at least a delay in the news-sitemap.xml to begin with.



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this was Amazing Eyeopener

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When we look at the content that is published from the wires WITHOUT any changes:

* Google Search - shows all the duplicate publishers if searched for headline

* Google News - shows only the "strongest" publisher for exact matching headline (other stories are somewhat close in topics)

It seems your thought on Google News not being able to recognize duplicate content and thus (possibly) penalise publishers might be getting historic :)

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